I write reviews for musical albums. My main genre is metal, but I will probably do some hard rock as well. Any reviews other than the two most recent are shown on the right hand side under the "Blog Archive" tab. Thanks for reading!


The Heavy Review is a blog that caters to the needs of heavy metal and hard rock fans.  I strive to write detailed reviews that effectively describe the sound of the album in question.

Most of my reviews can be divided into three main parts: a description of the sound of the album (ie. the atmosphere, the emotional vibe, patterns that the songs follow), the instrumentation (ie. what instruments are used, the technicality and complexity of the instrumentation, what the instruments actually accomplish), and the individual songs (a quick tour of what's good and bad on the album in terms of the individual songs... sometimes this encompasses every song on the release, sometimes just a few key compositions).

I write these reviews for fun simply because I love to write and I love metal music.  Comments are welcome and very appreciated.  I enjoy discussion about music with others.

I have an account on Hubpages where I often post these reviews, as well as some top 10 lists that likely won't show up here.  If anyone is interested, here's the URL: .  I've also posted some of my reviews on the Metal Archives under a different username (uptheirons1980).

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